Australia’s Gun Amnesty

Almost 18,000 firearms and weapons have been surrendered during the first year (2022) of a permanent national amnesty. A Vietnam-era flamethrower, automatic firearms and a crossbow were among the 18,000 armaments handed in. Australia has some of the toughest gun laws anywhere in the world. That is largely due to the response to the PortContinue reading “Australia’s Gun Amnesty”

Dark Web Why Are You Allowed to Continue?

The Dark Web hides in darknessCriminals clap handsUse it for their misdeedsAll well underhand Yet Unable to be shut downBy all authoritiesWhy I ask unable toStop this web faeces? Large police force we do haveNetwork vast of spiesSecurity networks (those also)Can’t be shut down? Why? Dark Web you’re a monsterA drugs and weapons webBut no-oneContinue reading “Dark Web Why Are You Allowed to Continue?”

An American Meets an Australian Over a Gun

True story An American and Australian meet The apparently good American had found young lads along his street responsible for filching some fruit from his trees. He said “so I packed my gun” and seemed surprised at the disbelieving look on the face of the Australian. It seems violence and the fear of violence isContinue reading “An American Meets an Australian Over a Gun”