I Wanna Buy a Gun at Walmart Mummy

I can’t believe my eyesWalmart is selling gunsOn display for all to seeOh what shopping fun Mummy takes me down the aisleRifles, guns galoreRound the corner, round we goGosh, there’s rifles more Mummy I’d like that oneStanding straight and tallWanna be a Rambo girlWanna have a ball bang…bang… You’ll need some ammunition Without it there’sContinue reading “I Wanna Buy a Gun at Walmart Mummy”

Fear and Loading in the USA

I’m off to buy a handgunBecause I am concernedOf what might start to happenIf Trump is not returned I’m full of fear and loadingUp my trusty gunIn case my favourite presidentIs kicked out, finished, done ‘CRAZY MOMENT’: AMERICANS STOCK UP ON GUNS AHEAD OF ELECTION Gun sales have soared in the run-up to the USContinue reading “Fear and Loading in the USA”