Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Flummoxed

Write something incorporating the word ‘flummoxed’ Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. ODE TO FLUMMOXED At times I get quite flummoxedUnderstanding meRunning hither thither-likeFlummoxed (yep) I be Completely flummoxed Fan…… DM

From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (James Collins burglar)

Mugshot of James Collins, a 23-year-old tailor who was arrested for burglary in Omaha, Nebraska in 1897 After he was arrested in Omaha on May 12, 1897, for burglary, James Collins didn’t stick around to find out how the Nebraska state prison system handled their prisoners. He escaped pretty much immediately, but then he was capturedContinue reading “From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (James Collins burglar)”

FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Son of my Father’ Chicory Tip

Chicory Tip are an English pop group, formed in 1967 in Maidstone, Kent. Lyrics below “Son Of My Father” Mama said to me: “We gotta have your life run rightOff you go to school where you can learn the rules there rightBe just like your dabbling father when it seems traditionNever go astray and stay an honest, lovin’ son”Continue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Son of my Father’ Chicory Tip”

Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio – The Knorkator Job

Stan runs a very successful album cover design businesshelped by his assistant Perc Knorkator were scaryHeavy metal (crash)Did the cover quicklyTook contracted cash Production Notes Shit this was a difficult one Photographer Perc was able to get that true heavy metal lookThe guys were pleasedWell done Perc Makeup by Stan’s Makeup to the Stars TheyContinue reading “Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio – The Knorkator Job”