One-Hit Wonder – ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ The Buggles (1979)

The Buggles were a new wave British band formed in 1977 by singer/bassist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoffrey Downes. They were best known for their hit ‘Video Killed the Radio. They were originally called the Bugs as a pun to the Beatles but on realising they would not be as successful changed it to theContinue reading “One-Hit Wonder – ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ The Buggles (1979)”

Stan Attends Another Plumbing Emergency

You have a problem madam?Your sink/drain not in line?There now, I’ve just fixed itA specialty of mine Oh thankyou Mr Stan. You have done a wonderful job……. Stan is a registered plumber and fully paid-up member of the Plumbers Union. Call Stan for your next plumbing job Slight design fail?…. Don MatthewsDecember 2020 (Category DESIGNContinue reading “Stan Attends Another Plumbing Emergency”

Musical Performances I Like – ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’ Glennis Grace

Performances which you may also like…. The song was written by Ann Peebles, her partner (and later husband) Don Bryant, and DJ Bernard “Bernie” Miller in 1973: One evening in Memphis in 1973, soul singer Ann Peebles was meeting friends, including her partner, Hi Records staff writer Don Bryant, to go to a concert. Just as they were aboutContinue reading “Musical Performances I Like – ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’ Glennis Grace”

Growth at all Cost

Where have all our trees goneIn 10 years of infill?We have to pack the people inSo trees we have to killTrees and green surroundingsClimate change combat?We need them for well-beingMentally, all that Wholesale destruction of our treesMust stop, must not go onPremier and MinisterAre you listening?…. No?…. Our ‘growth-at-all-costs’ policy is more important Addended poemContinue reading “Growth at all Cost”