Poet Don Reporting on Pigeon Feathers

Here is a fact (may surprise you) The feathers of a pigeon weigh more Than bones which do make up said pigeon Of which, my flock, there’s more than four You’re right Poet DonI counted five in my dissection class…. Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets Society (and an expert in pigeon trivia).We areContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on Pigeon Feathers”

The Like-Minders Society Writers Corner (featured writer Christopher Pike ‘Turtle’)

The Like-Minders Society is a group of minds who think alike and explore the realms of fantasy, imagination, offbeat poetry and humour. LMS was formed in 2019 by offbeat poet Don Matthews. They are known for their Writers Corners where offbeat poets are invited to present their work. (All poets are real not fictitious) I’veContinue reading “The Like-Minders Society Writers Corner (featured writer Christopher Pike ‘Turtle’)”

From Ireland to Me Came This Challenge

From Ireland to me came this challenge Said write me a poem from scratch Start with first line and then see what comes next Not easy, but will see what can hatch (Thinks…) I’m starting out first with my first line Which tells me it’s line number one Line two’s just been written so thisContinue reading “From Ireland to Me Came This Challenge”

Poet Don Addresses his Flock

Ah, my flock, my followers Keep on procreating I’ll save you from the big bad wolf (Your numbers help my ratings) Baa… Poet Don is experimenting with a new breeding technique to increase his flock. The theory is laughter helps them go out and do their thing and bring back more sheep. A novel approach.Continue reading “Poet Don Addresses his Flock”

Poet Don Q&A on First ATM User

Here’s a question for you My followers (faithful all) (Yes Poet Don?…) Who was the first in the world to use Our ATM hole-in-the-wall ? (mumble..mumble…) (more mumble…mumble…) We give up…. Actor Reg Varney (On the Buses 1967)STAN!!! GET THAT BUS OUT!!!….. Golly gosh Poet Don, You are a goldmine of information…. Thankyou….

Poet Don Reporting on 10th July. A Special Day

You all enjoy your honey ? (Yes Poet Don….) Must keep your eyes on ground You wouldn’t want to step on it As it goes walking round (blank looks all round….) Today is 10th July, yes?… Yes Poet Don…. Well today is ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’…. Oooh… His little flock of followers depart,Continue reading “Poet Don Reporting on 10th July. A Special Day”

The World Has Gone Mad

They want to remove films and television series because of political correctness Are we not allowed to laugh and keep in perspective the content of the era in which they were made? In the meantime We are subjected to realty TV shows encouraging promiscuity and verbal abuse We are given a wide choice of theContinue reading “The World Has Gone Mad”