Boris? You Know What You’re Doing?

Boris? you know what you’re doing?By throwing away all the rules?Binning all masks, social distancingTraits (which to me) belong to fools Go home Aussie. What would you know?……. You’re getting 50,000 new cases each day……… 73 dead on Wednesday……… All under control mate…… Don MatthewsJuly 2021

15 Minutes All It Took

The flood came out of nowhereNo-one was preparedHouses under waterFlood just didn’t care 15 minutes all it tookCars, vans washed awayTrees uprooted, houses downWhat more can I say? Turned into a war zoneDozens ended deadNature didn’t give a tossCausing this bloodshed The nature/human balanceAt times hangs on a threadWe need to understand thisI’ve no moreContinue reading “15 Minutes All It Took”

Poet Don Reporting on the Latest Scientific Sleep Research

Poet Don does all his reporting with ink and quill – he’s old-school I am a happy atheistScientists say it’s trueI sleep more soundly in my bedThan happy Catholics do…. Why?…. Fluffy goose down pillows….. I’m gonna change my religion…. Poet Don is FCS reporterReporting on things of interest and no interestHe is a valuableContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on the Latest Scientific Sleep Research”

12 July Different Coloured Eyes Day

The condition of different coloured eyes is called heterochromia, but Bowie’s was caused by a different condition, anisocoria. David had two eyesOne was coloured blueThe other chose the colour brownDifferent to me and you One of Bowie’s most unique traits was the difference between his eyes. At first glance, it appeared his eyes were twoContinue reading “12 July Different Coloured Eyes Day”