I Hope You Took Your Phone With You

I am a man of mysteryWhere will I jump to nextWill I send a letterOr will I send a text? I hope you took your phone when youEntered the hereafterCos when I want to contact youA text is so much faster Letters take such a long time…. Don MatthewsJanuary 2021 I just like playing roundContinue reading “I Hope You Took Your Phone With You”

Skating on Thin Ice

I often find myselfSkating on thin iceHoping I don’t fall inIn and pay the price But then as poet why should INot write what I think/seeIs that not what a poet’s forTo write and be carefree? I’m not content to always skateWithin my comfort zoneI need to push some boundariesMy poetry to hone SPLASH…..shit! DonContinue reading “Skating on Thin Ice”