Tic Tok’s Screened Suicide and Traumatised Children

Tik Tok (social platform) Screened a suicide Left many children traumatised Went viral far and wide These media platform companies Breach morals which appall Children watched the suicide Tik Tok could not re-call Tik Tok failed to find an effective wayto remove all instances of the horrifying videoon its site, with many young South AustraliansseeingContinue reading “Tic Tok’s Screened Suicide and Traumatised Children”

Aha My Clock’s Turned Sunday

Aha my clock’s turned Sunday Saturday’s out of sight Come on mind, don’t let me down Whatever can I write? (Mind…think….think….) Poet what you looking at? A page that’s bloody blank I need a poem on it for My editor to frank (Mind…think….think….think….think….think….) But Sunday is my day of rest You’ll have to wait ’tilContinue reading “Aha My Clock’s Turned Sunday”

Demolishing Heritage. It’s a Crying Shame

It’s cheaper to demolish Heritage and more Than take the time and effort to Conserve, and then restore Developers have too much clout Complaints on deaf ears fall Their voices simply disappear In dust from wrecker’s ball Everything for profit Got to have it quick Maximising landspace Shit it makes me sick I was consideringContinue reading “Demolishing Heritage. It’s a Crying Shame”

Been Asked to Write a Sonnet

Ingrid recently set a sonnet challenge for her readershttps://experimentsinfiction.com I missed the deadline. She has asked me to put my head down and learn some real poetry in preparation for the next one. Here are my thoughts at the moment: Been asked to write a sonnet I don’t know what they are I ain’t noContinue reading “Been Asked to Write a Sonnet”