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Helping the Declining Bee Population

True recent Adelaide story Bees are decliningI have barrel beesWine barrel was emptyLooks good said the bees Society (bee) contactedOffered bees/barrelFree on exchange forAnother wine barrel Our call-out fee costsYou fifty dollarsAnd hourly rate bee workIs twenty five dollars And I thought I was doing something for the environment and declining bee population?…… Don MatthewsDecemberContinue reading “Helping the Declining Bee Population”

How Gullible Are You?

1800’s I like to pride myselfNot being gullibleThen why fall I to adverts To Dye’s Voltaic Belt From Dr Dye Male corset guaranteed to“Restore manly vigour” Forerunner of Viagra I suppose…… ————– Then there was that time when “Sloan’s Liniment ” I bought.Good for “Man or Beast” they said.Does what they say it aught. IContinue reading “How Gullible Are You?”

C. P. Snow

“Technology is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one handand stabs you in the back with the other C. P. SnowWriter


My dad is checking DobbinDobbin out for meMaking sure he’s safe to rideSafe to ride for me Don MatthewsDecember 2022

I Love the Open Country

I love the open countryThe trees and the fresh airNo motor cars or freewaysCountry simple, bare Ah, country life…… Don MatthewsDecember 2022

Lazy Sod

Plenty workHe’s bloody slackTime to wakeHim up and back Jeez dad…… Don MatthewsDecember 2022


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