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Stan Fertilizes the Oval

I’m groundsman for the high schoolIt’s time to fertilizeThe oval with my tractorHello? Why it dies?…. You used weedkiller. Idiot…… Sorry boss…… Don MatthewsSeptember 2021


A door I need to openFor a jug of milkAny one will do…. What?….. Don MatthewsSeptember 2021

FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Sugar Sweet’ The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band

Lyrics below I’m gonna tell you about my babyI speak of her with prideShe go all the way to make me satisfiedOh she’s my baby, she’s my baby, don’t you seeI can’t call her sugar ’cause sugar never was so sweetShe manicure my nails, scratch dandruff from my headShe’s my baby, she’s my baby, don’tContinue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Sugar Sweet’ The Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Band”

Won’t Take Very Long

Hold me while I finish guysWon’t take very longDon’t worry with the safety gearWon’t take very long…. Don MatthewsSeptember 2021

Lowes Employs Stan as Safety Officer

Lowes have just employed me toTrolleys, right place storeFollow signs they have installedMake sure not ignored This is my first day. I’m excited….. Sad to say Stan only lasted a day……. Don MatthewsSeptember 2021

Game Park

We’ve come to see the animalsUpfront, close, real nearIn their natural habitatDoors all locked, secure…. I thought you locked the doors dear?…… She just wants to say hello……. Don MatthewsSeptember 2021


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