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Terry Jones

Dementia is a cruel thingIt took a humour ‘friend’Who brought much fun and laughterWhat a cruel end Terry JonesCo-founder Monty PythonRIP21/1/20 Don Matthews January 2020 What is dementia? Dementia is a broad term used to describe the gradual loss of someone’s memory, intellect, ability to think rationally and social skills. Dementia is not one specificContinue reading “Terry Jones”

Ralph is a Trier

Ralph is FCS resident dog I like to run up hills I doRun up hills I likeGetting to the top is goodTo the top I like…. I won’t give up…… Don MatthewsMay 2022


Children have a right toAgree or disagreeShow their feelings with no fussAlso quietly…. Don MatthewsMay 2022

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Bodacious

Write something incorporating the word ‘bodacious’. Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. ODE TO BODACIOUS Bodacious (you’re stretching me now Fan)I admit I don’t know what it meansConsulted my friend/helper GoogleHe just shrugged…. Why did I give away my Encyclopedia Britannica Fan?…… DM

Roof Proof

I looked down from above meAt something fell off roofI thought it was a squirrelOn ground gave me the proof…. Don MatthewsMay 2022

Awakening Hotel

Awakening’s a you beaut hotelBuilt in the jungle (Mexico)Helping you synchronise with surroundingsAnd hence universe (there ya go) On arriving, to a room they don’t show youInstead to a cocoon in a treeAccessed by a you beaut rope ladderDesigned around mind symmetry (The following is taken from their promotion material. “Awakening offers signature experiences fromContinue reading “Awakening Hotel”


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