Dark Web Why Are You Allowed to Continue?

The Dark Web hides in darknessCriminals clap handsUse it for their misdeedsAll well underhand Yet Unable to be shut downBy all authoritiesWhy I ask unable toStop this web faeces? Large police force we do haveNetwork vast of spiesSecurity networks (those also)Can’t be shut down? Why? Dark Web you’re a monsterA drugs and weapons webBut no-oneContinue reading “Dark Web Why Are You Allowed to Continue?”

It’s Coming Through the Window Jimmy. Stand Back

I got my trusty bowAnd trusty arrow tooI tied the drugs to arrowAnd into prison flew Jimmy waiting at window to collect – as prearranged…… He sent text saying shoot stuff through window far left …… Which I did…… Three people were arrested after allegedly attempting to shoot drugs into the prison with bow andContinue reading “It’s Coming Through the Window Jimmy. Stand Back”

Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby

Corby is to star inA realty TV showShe came to fame as drug muleWhy do we stoop this low? Because we want people watching our show (ratings you know), and we don’t care how we go about it…. It’s just wrong Don MatthewsOctober 2020 Does crime pay? Claims that convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is ‘set to receive aContinue reading “Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby”

Lost Bumper and Tyreless Car

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Officer? You say that I’m drivingMy car on it’s rims, there’s no tyre?I wonder what could be the reason?I wondered why I wasn’t higher? No bumper?…. Must’ve been that tree I just hit?…. Driving on wrong side of road? Was I?…. Adelaide South AustraliaAppearing inContinue reading “Lost Bumper and Tyreless Car”