Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby

Corby is to star inA realty TV showShe came to fame as drug muleWhy do we stoop this low? Because we want people watching our show (ratings you know), and we don’t care how we go about it…. It’s just wrong Don MatthewsOctober 2020 Does crime pay? Claims that convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is ‘set to receive aContinue reading “Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby”

The World Has Gone Mad

They want to remove filmsand television seriesbecause of political correctness Are we not allowed to laughand keep in perspectivethe content of the erain which they were made? In the meantime We are subjectedto realty TV showsencouraging promiscuityand verbal abuse We are given a wide choiceof the most violent filmsto create a violent mentality But weContinue reading “The World Has Gone Mad”