Poet Don Teaches the Class Division

Listen in my flock…. Yes Poet Don…. A real estate agent’s a person Whose children at school learn division Then return home at night to their real estate dad And learn all about subdivision I wanna learn subdivision Poet Don…. Lot’s of quick money in it Johnny… ?? Poet Don is a valuable asset toContinue reading “Poet Don Teaches the Class Division”

Poet Don puts a Question to his Flock

What do you think is the difference between (Your minds you will need to unblock) A jeweller, and also a jailer? Think hard my dear great little flock (mumble….mumble….think….think….) We don’t know Poet Don…. One watches cells and the other sells watches…. (blank looks all round….) (What am I doing wrong?….) Poet Don has aContinue reading “Poet Don puts a Question to his Flock”

KFC’s New Artificial Nuggets. Yum

Just eaten with my mummy (And with my daddy too) KFC’s new artificial Nuggets (spices too) Asked mummy if this artificial Meat was free-range grown? As well as all the herbs and spices Green and yellow brown (She said she’d ask Colonel Sanders…) I am a little worried Will come to Hungry Jacks Artificial meatContinue reading “KFC’s New Artificial Nuggets. Yum”

Poet Don on a Little-Known Frog Fact

To grow, little froggies must catch/eat Insects living in Froggie Hollow On spying a treat they leap forward, chomp/eat Then close their eyes as it they swallow You’re a mine of information…. Thankyou… Poet Don has travelled the world looking into the eyes of frogs (as they swallow). He is a valuable asset to theContinue reading “Poet Don on a Little-Known Frog Fact”

Cyberdiapers by Tesla

Elon’s making cyberdiapers Elon ‘Spaceman’ Musk Tech researching, (heavy stuff) It’s been a daunting task It has these built-in autolights A feature autocrawl No longer will your baby need Exert themselves and haul It has a beaut translator To help you when you dabble Speaking with your little one For meaningful-like babble What would aContinue reading “Cyberdiapers by Tesla”

I Want Election Results Now. Tonight

As President of USA I want, demand to see Results on night of election When people vote for me You tried election date to change Despite law saying nay Which also says we’re not required to Give results same day Trump you are an idiot Of the first degree As soon as you are goneContinue reading “I Want Election Results Now. Tonight”

Poet Don’s Warning on World Fall-Apart Day

Poet Don reporting Breaking news for you! World is falling ‘part on 10th Needing lots of glue Bit of a worry… Yes my son…. Please donate all full/part-full tubes of glue to Poet Don’s GLUE BACK THE WORLD DAY (11TH) Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets SocietyWe are honoured to have him here withContinue reading “Poet Don’s Warning on World Fall-Apart Day”