Publisher Wanted

I’m looking for a publisherA rhymy-loving typeWho wants to increase readership(I also offer skype) There are no skyping rhymers(Who offer two for one)I’ll skype for you both day or nightBuy me (before I’m done) Although my rhyme’s oft silly-likeThere’s serious undertonesA flippant/serious comboWaiting to get known Don MatthewsOctober 2021

Humour Don’t Sell Papers

I’ve just read today’s paper It’s full of doom and gloom Murders, killing, destruction, death Children being groomed Headlines blare out constantly SEX FIEND IS EXPOSED There’s so much negativity (The paper I have closed) Why can’t I read, enjoy myself With lots of humour, rife? Instead of being subjected to This gutter side ofContinue reading “Humour Don’t Sell Papers”