Poet Don Teaches the Class Division

Listen in my flock…. Yes Poet Don…. A real estate agent’s a person Whose children at school learn division Then return home at night to their real estate dad And learn all about subdivision I wanna learn subdivision Poet Don…. Lot’s of quick money in it Johnny… ?? Poet Don is a valuable asset toContinue reading “Poet Don Teaches the Class Division”

Mr Coon. Your Cheese is Politically Incorrect

You say I can’t call it coon cheese anymore? I’m sorry, not politically correct I know Mr Coon did invent it But it’s yellow and that’s it’s defect Perhaps he shoulda invented brown…. Our friends of the dark colour would take offence…. Oh…. Don MatthewsAugust 2020

Poet Don puts a Question to his Flock

What do you think is the difference between (Your minds you will need to unblock) A jeweller, and also a jailer? Think hard my dear great little flock (mumble….mumble….think….think….) We don’t know Poet Don…. One watches cells and the other sells watches…. (blank looks all round….) (What am I doing wrong?….) Poet Don has aContinue reading “Poet Don puts a Question to his Flock”