One Good Thing Has Come Out Of Covid

There has been one good outcome(Covid you’re the best)You’ve killed the Yorkshire RipperIn hell he’s now a guest A five-year reign of terrorFrom 1975Thirteen women murderedYou killed them whilst alive At 74 now Covid-deadNot a tear was shedYour death was just as pitiful asThe vile life you have led Don MatthewsNovember 2020

The Man with the Double DNA Profile

The leukemia patientTurns serial killer His blood is leftAt the scene of the crime But he gets off scot-freeWhy you ask? The culprit is someoneWho gave the stem cellsTo bring him into remission On the other hand…. If he sheds his own DNA salivaHe would be behind bars He has a double DNA profileHis ownAndContinue reading “The Man with the Double DNA Profile”

Extremely Rare. Why?

Some readers may find the content distressingGunnedah Australia A 14-year-old girl With no history of mental health issues Murders her 10-year-old cousin Extremely rare Why? Undiagnosed psychological condition? Don MatthewsJuly 2020