Not a Good Idea to Irritate Gucci’s Murderous Wife

Maurizio Gucci you irritate meYou’ve divorced me, run off with some chickMauri it’s not that I hate youIt’s just that you make me feel sick I need to do something about thisCan anyone do away with him now?I’ll pay any price for the murderDon’t care what you use and/or how In 1995 a pizzeria ownerContinue reading “Not a Good Idea to Irritate Gucci’s Murderous Wife”

Gender Orientation and Murder in Iran

Homosexuality in Iran’sIllegal, is a-gainst the lawAlizera Monfared’s been murderedBy relatives evening the score The perpetrators have so far not been arrested “No-one should lose their lives because of this.We demand justice and dignity for Iran’s LGBTI people” (Amnesty International) Don MatthewsMay 2021

One Good Thing Has Come Out Of Covid

There has been one good outcome(Covid you’re the best)You’ve killed the Yorkshire RipperIn hell he’s now a guest A five-year reign of terrorFrom 1975Thirteen women murderedYou killed them whilst alive At 74 now Covid-deadNot a tear was shedYour death was just as pitiful asThe vile life you have led Don MatthewsNovember 2020

Humour Don’t Sell Papers

I’ve just read today’s paper It’s full of doom and gloom Murders, killing, destruction, death Children being groomed Headlines blare out constantly SEX FIEND IS EXPOSED There’s so much negativity (The paper I have closed) Why can’t I read, enjoy myself With lots of humour, rife? Instead of being subjected to This gutter side ofContinue reading “Humour Don’t Sell Papers”