Out Of Control

Humans you are stupidYou should be killing meInstead you show more interest inYour economy I won’t go ‘way until youGet serious with meAnd put on hold until I’m goneYour economy You still go round all tight-packedDespite a Covid planAre you really serious1 metre gap? a sham White House is still crowd-packingDon’t seem that they haveContinue reading “Out Of Control”

Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries

I’m getting real excitedVaccine’s not far awayI think I’ll order plenty moreTo keep covid away I’m sorry Mr PresidentYou had the chance beforeTo order vaccine made by usTo order extra, more But you refused the chance…. We’re now committed to supplying other countries. Sorry…. Don MatthewsDecember 2020 The Associated Press and Denise Chow21h ago /Continue reading “Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries”

You’ll Survive

There’s been a nasty covid clusterFlareup in my townWe thought we had it sortedWe thought we’d knocked it down Never turn your back on covid…. Since covid started wrecking thingsWe’ve learnt, become preparedTo come down hard and sudden onClusters when they’ve flared So From 12 o’clock tonight (Wednesday)My cafe it will closeFor six days, noContinue reading “You’ll Survive”

One Good Thing Has Come Out Of Covid

There has been one good outcome(Covid you’re the best)You’ve killed the Yorkshire RipperIn hell he’s now a guest A five-year reign of terrorFrom 1975Thirteen women murderedYou killed them whilst alive At 74 now Covid-deadNot a tear was shedYour death was just as pitiful asThe vile life you have led Don MatthewsNovember 2020

I Can Sit Neck-to-Neck in a Group But Can’t Dance the Shuffle by Myself? WTF?

There’s something ’bout a shuffleWhich gets me off my feetOff the seat I’m sitting onOff my sitting seat Attended, I, a blues clubBefore this covid struckDancing’s now been banned all roundBugger, WTF? Now settle down there Don my boyThe rules you mustn’t buckThey let us sit all all cozy-tight?No logic WTF? Don Matthews (frustrated)November 2020Continue reading “I Can Sit Neck-to-Neck in a Group But Can’t Dance the Shuffle by Myself? WTF?”

Trump’s Greatest Failure

Handling the pandemic US 4% of world’s population 20% of world’s deaths 229,000 Americans dead Many more will die Trump just last week ‘We have turned the corner’ Fauci ‘No we haven’t’ Older voters terrified of dyingWill look to someone putting community healthTop of their list of priorities Trump must go For stability to returnContinue reading “Trump’s Greatest Failure”