This Insane Place I’m In

Can’t fly back to my countryCompletely out of luckFlights are banned from enteringThis insane place, I’m stuck We’re running out of oxygenRunning out of testsBurning bodies everywhereDon’t know what to do best? They let us gather, thousandsWithout the need of masksThis is insane governingNot mandating masks Lining up at polling boothsSocial distancingJust goes out theContinue reading “This Insane Place I’m In”

South Australia Being Sought After For Film TV Production (post Covid)

South Australia is becoming sought afterBy film, also television crewsBecause of our covid-free status(We also have nice tourist views) How come we’re so covid-free lucky?We didn’t sleep in in our bedWe locked down soon as covid showed up(Unlike UK/States, we used head) Although I’m no film/TV actor(Some claim I’m an FCS star)Our Adelaide Film StudiosContinue reading “South Australia Being Sought After For Film TV Production (post Covid)”