Look What You’ve Done to Me Lockdown

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Prior to Covid lockdownI partied all night longMixed with lots of peopleMingled with the throng Lockdown put an end to thisTold to stay at homeNo more parties, peopleNo more mingling, roam I’ve spent so long in lockdownI love my companyAnd have a fear of peopleLookContinue reading “Look What You’ve Done to Me Lockdown”

Poet Don Reporting Australian Covid Baby Lockdown Fizzer

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Poet Don is FCS news reporterReporting on things of interest and no interestHe is a valuable asset to the FCS Team I’m reading a direct script here from my source in Australia Australia here, we gotta problemBit of doom and gloomCovid lockdown somehow didn’tProduce a babyContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting Australian Covid Baby Lockdown Fizzer”

Well Bloody LOL I Say

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Well bloody LOL I sayDonald has gone viralAmerica it can’t go no furtherDown it’s downward spiral Can it?…. We believe he is trying to figure outwhether to inject or simply to drinksanitiser from the bottle Words from the Lips of Donald “We have it totallyContinue reading “Well Bloody LOL I Say”

Border Crossing

Victorians are not allowed across the border into covid-free South Australia. One person has been arrested speeding through the checkpoint on the wrong side of the road with blacked out number plates.Definitely a COVIDiot. I wanna cross over the border And into a covid-free state I’ll speed through on wrong side of roadblock Have alreadyContinue reading “Border Crossing”

Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers

Irresponsible and selfish were people Who flocked to beach Bournemouth UK (I know they were having a heatwave) No care about danger that day The beach it was jam-packed and crowded Social-distancing completely ignored All because people were selfish Will virus deaths now UK soar? Don MatthewsJuly 2020 Roads were gridlocked, illegal camping,excessive waste, anti-socialContinue reading “Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers”

Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last

One of the reasons for Covid’s Destruction worldwide (and so vast) Is too many people, overcrowding Cracks are appearing at last Animal populations that breed fast Out of control, if not culled By us, or by nature, turn plague-like Rapidly get out of control In this regard we are no different Reduction of population’s aContinue reading “Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last”