Border Crossing

Victorians are not allowed across the border into covid-free South Australia. One person has been arrested speeding through the checkpoint on the wrong side of the road with blacked out number plates.Definitely a COVIDiot. I wanna cross over the border And into a covid-free state I’ll speed through on wrong side of roadblock Have alreadyContinue reading “Border Crossing”

Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers

Irresponsible and selfish were people Who flocked to beach Bournemouth UK (I know they were having a heatwave) No care about danger that day The beach it was jam-packed and crowded Social-distancing completely ignored All because people were selfish Will virus deaths now UK soar? Don MatthewsJuly 2020 Roads were gridlocked, illegal camping,excessive waste, anti-socialContinue reading “Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers”

Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last

One of the reasons for Covid’s Destruction worldwide (and so vast) Is too many people, overcrowding Cracks are appearing at last Animal populations that breed fast Out of control, if not culled By us, or by nature, turn plague-like Rapidly get out of control In this regard we are no different Reduction of population’s aContinue reading “Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last”

I’m Giving My Dog Alone-Time

While covid has kept us in lockdown My dog’s got tight-bonded to me I’m worried when I go back to working An utter wreck, anxious, he’ll be yoooooowl……. To reduce psychological damage (His mental health I really care) I’m giving him plenty of alone-time But he’s tearing out chunks of his hair Have I doneContinue reading “I’m Giving My Dog Alone-Time”

Boris is Losing his Mojo

Boris has a mountain A steep one now to climb He’s lost his ruffly sparkle Lost his ruffly shine His landslide victory gave the people The present they did need He’s now a crumpled wrapping paper Now a wilting weed The UK has the highest Europe covid toll Worst recession last 300 Years, a bigContinue reading “Boris is Losing his Mojo”

My Internet Lamp Purchase

I just bought this lamp on the internet Firm sounded good. Great website Good reviews. Plenty of them So thought I gotta have one Gave them my bank details Hundred bucks. Bit rich But the site got good writeups. Seemed reputable So I thought looks OK. No hitch What was the lamp? A covid-curing lamp.Continue reading “My Internet Lamp Purchase”