I Need My Fix Of Valium

Dogs are into woofing downAnti-anxiety dopeOwners now gone back to workAlone now, just can’t cope Animal behaviorist Dr Kate Mornement“I’ve noticed a huge increase in dogs thatare experiencing separation anxiety due to CovidThere is a big increase in scripts for Prozak and Valium” I’m hooked on valium…… I’m into prozak…. woof…… Don MatthewsJune 2022

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Active

Write something incorporating the word ‘active’. Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. Trixxy and Lexxy are hussy buddies ODE TO ACTIVE Now Covid’s kindly disappearedWe’ve oiled our tools of tradeOur active juices now turned onWe’re ready to get laid Jeez Fan. Stormy weather ahead…… Who wrote their script?…… DM

Conscientious Objector

My thoughts. Not my words Each nation is at war Have been for a couple of years The enemy is coronavirus As with any war there a fewconscientious objectors Those who refuse to be vaccinated I’m wondering when some fall illwith Covid-19, will they stick to their beliefsand suffer, maybe die at home? Or willContinue reading “Conscientious Objector”