Two Sets of Standards

We demand that our governments act onThe problem we face – climate changeWhile we as individuals keep buyingFrom the gas-guzzling SUV range We demand that our governments act onThe climate change problem abuseBut reluctant to give up our plasticsReluctant to let go their use Much energy and power is neededTo fuel all the toys weContinue reading “Two Sets of Standards”

Growth at all Cost

Where have all our trees goneIn 10 years of infill?We have to pack the people inSo trees we have to killTrees and green surroundingsClimate change combat?We need them for well-beingMentally, all that Wholesale destruction of our treesMust stop, must not go onPremier and MinisterAre you listening?…. No?…. Our ‘growth-at-all-costs’ policy is more important Addended poemContinue reading “Growth at all Cost”