RIP Avicii, Dead at 28 (world famous dj)

Tim Bergling (Avicii) was a Swedish DJ, remixer, record producer, musician, singer and songwriter. He suffered stress and poor mental health. On 20 April 2018 he committed suicide, age 28 Avicii, a world-famous DJPerformed with the great Rolling StonesConcerned with his health and wellbeingAt 28, dead, and now gone As poet I want to reflectWhatContinue reading “RIP Avicii, Dead at 28 (world famous dj)”

Growth at all Cost

Where have all our trees goneIn 10 years of infill?We have to pack the people inSo trees we have to killTrees and green surroundingsClimate change combat?We need them for well-beingMentally, all that Wholesale destruction of our treesMust stop, must not go onPremier and MinisterAre you listening?…. No?…. Our ‘growth-at-all-costs’ policy is more important Addended poemContinue reading “Growth at all Cost”

Welcome to the whacky bipolar world of don matthews (and me mate Skip)

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Skip likes reggae too. Also beer. Drinks me under the table. How much of one’s personal self does one reveal on a world stage to an unknown audience? That question has always been at the forefront of my mind since coming onto the internet stageContinue reading “Welcome to the whacky bipolar world of don matthews (and me mate Skip)”

Governed by a Two-Edged Knife

Dealing with mental health issuesStep 1. Talk about itSo I am I’m governed by a two-edged knifeA demon – friend and foeYou ask how is this possible?How can this be? How so? My demon is bipolarMania (two-edged knife)One edge is razor sharp for goodThe other sharp for strife My demon when it is a friendHelpsContinue reading “Governed by a Two-Edged Knife”

Extremely Rare. Why?

Some readers may find the content distressingGunnedah Australia A 14-year-old girl With no history of mental health issues Murders her 10-year-old cousin Extremely rare Why? Undiagnosed psychological condition? Don MatthewsJuly 2020

Kurt Cobain, Bipolar and the Guitar

Dealing with mental health issuesStep 1. Talk about it Kurt Cobain bipolar Committed suicide Only 27 years old Gunshot was how he died His guitar has just been auctioned It broke the world’s record Someone rich now owns it Someone who can afford It sold to an Australian for $9 millionThe guitar features in theContinue reading “Kurt Cobain, Bipolar and the Guitar”

Mania and Obsession

A byproduct of mania’s obsession Which both ‘m’ and ‘o’ I possess Born with it, no cure available Medications help control all the mess… …Which originates in my brain (an imbalance) Of chemicals, which cannot be cured So looks like you’re just gonna have to My behaviour accept and endure They say those obsessed andContinue reading “Mania and Obsession”

Bipolar Disorder

(Dealing with mental health issues. Step 1. Talk about it. So I am) Why am I so different? Different from the rest? Not your ‘normal’ poet? (Born with brain bit messed) Not the quite right balance Of chemicals, you see Forced on me by parent’s genes Unknown to them, (and me) Mania is my demonContinue reading “Bipolar Disorder”