My Sunday Write

My neurons are feeling bit sorryFor pulling the pin yesterdayThey said they’ll now give me some overtimeAnd do it without any pay Aren’t they nice?…… So what can do you today Don?Work us real hard (with no pay)Make lotsa neural connectionsLead us thy hallowed, thine way Shit, they’re getting religious. Time to stop……. Yesterday’s pin-pullingContinue reading “My Sunday Write”


Was driving in the countryConcentrating (sort of)Suddenly Big Red appearedCar? Turned out a write-off Big Reds they own the countryYou’re just a tourist thereConcentrate, respect themCause they your car don’t care They have the right of way thereIt’s not the CBDYou’ve all been warned about thisIgnore, you’ll damage see Don Matthews December 2019 Is thisContinue reading “Write-Off”