Me, Ice and Edgar

Edges cutting
Ice goes flying
Wind is whistling
Past my facing

Whistle whistle……

Swishing icing
Whistling facing
I am onna
Ski slope racing

Alta, Utah……

Wind is whistling
Ski slope racing
Edgar he is
Happy clapping

Clap clap clap……

Push on lad……

You show great promise……

Thankyou Edgar……

Don Matthews
November 2022


My drinking buddy Skip

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

4 thoughts on “Me, Ice and Edgar

    1. 10 years for me too. I mentioned my desire to my partner to go ski America again and take the family. We have Aussie friends who have lived in California forever. I mentioned this desire to my partner. You know me. Wanted to hop on the next plane. Don’t you think that a bit unwise dear? Issit? I said. It’s been 10 years. Do you still have your ski legs? I checked. I still have legs. We decided I would be best to test out my ‘ski legs’ in New Zealand in June. Then check out the situation in your next winter. Haven’t seen my Californian friends for years. I

      Our ski runs here are useless. You just start and you’re at the bottom.

      And I still have all the kit bar skis and boots. What a waste.

      My ski jacket in my pics is pining, I can hear it from here. T……a…..h…..o…..e w….h….e…..r….e a….r…..e y….o….u ????? Can you hear it down the wire Fan? Pitiful

      Maybe just putting it on will help pacify……

      Why can i afford to be so verbose here? I’ve got Covid. Lockdown. Blessing and a curse. What a mix Fan…….

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      1. I don’t think I have ski legs anymore. I barely have walk legs, and we’re it not for pedal assist and a throttle on my ebike, I wouldn’t have cycle legs anymore.

        Yes, I can hear your ski jacket’s pitiful whine. You really have COVID? Damn, Don. I told you to mask up. And I wasn’t referring to a ski mask, either.


      2. My little covid home test has a big red line saying Don, sorry, but you well and truly have Covid. My partner is buying food for me (bless her) and staying well apart. She swears she’ll kill me if I ‘ve given it to her. I mixed with a lot of people in the 2 days prior to seen symptoms. I would have been contagious. How many people have I infected? Seriously.

        I was going to spend today in lockdown doing things around the house. I’ve ticked the sleeping. The rest I’ve been blogging. Talk about an addict.

        Gosh, you are in a poor way legwise. Don’t looking at that pic of me stir your adrenaline? I have music piped into my helmet. Go-jet fuel. Rocking blues stuff. Is that why I tumbled? Glad the photographer caught me just before

        Gosh I do go on.

        But hey, I’m in lockdown

        Signing off
        From Lockdown Orstralia
        Over and out

        A. He’s mad…….

        B.. No, just different……

        B. Like Spike……

        A. Who’s he?……

        B.. But he has a reason for being different….

        A. ???

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