Skip, Priscilla, Lizzy and Ralph Look At Pics Of Their EIF Holiday Camp Adventure T#22 (+ 3 poems not seen on FCS)

Every Monday Skip, Priscilla, Lizzy and Ralph used to look forward to their adventure at the EIF Holiday Camp. That is, until it suddenly shut down, without any warning. Understandably they are distressed and quite puzzled as to what is going on. I said maybe no longer viable?… overheads too great perhaps?…or it needed toContinue reading “Skip, Priscilla, Lizzy and Ralph Look At Pics Of Their EIF Holiday Camp Adventure T#22 (+ 3 poems not seen on FCS)”

I Regret to Advise

I regret to advise the collaborationbetween FCS and EIF has hit a bump and come unstuck Sadly, the widely-read and much-enjoyed Monday trilogies on EIF will no longer be appearing Understandably , Skip, Priscilla and Ralph are distraughtover the sudden and unexpected closure of EIF’s Holiday Camp They have greatly enjoyed their 6-month holiday thereContinue reading “I Regret to Advise”

Message for Little Charmer

Skip was pleased to meet you yesterday. He asked me to send you this link to his bio. which most of our FCS readers will have already seen. I guess you are unaware that Skip was a child movie star? He wouldn’t have made it all the way to Glasgow I guess. Just hoppedContinue reading “Message for Little Charmer”

Merry Christmas From Us Down Under At FCS

We are Poet Don (our reporter of all things of interest and no interest), Priscilla (the resident cat – wandered in when I wasn’t looking, said this looks good, and decided to stay), Skip (my drinking buddy here in Australia) and resident Muse of Mirth Thalia (she helps power the site. Without her I’d beContinue reading “Merry Christmas From Us Down Under At FCS”

You’ll Survive

There’s been a nasty covid clusterFlareup in my townWe thought we had it sortedWe thought we’d knocked it down Never turn your back on covid…. Since covid started wrecking thingsWe’ve learnt, become preparedTo come down hard and sudden onClusters when they’ve flared So From 12 o’clock tonight (Wednesday)My cafe it will closeFor six days, noContinue reading “You’ll Survive”