I Regret to Advise

I’m still trying to adjust….

I regret to advise the collaboration
between FCS and EIF has hit a bump
and come unstuck

the widely-read and much-enjoyed
Monday trilogies on EIF will no longer be appearing

Understandably , Skip, Priscilla and Ralph are distraught
over the sudden and unexpected closure of EIF’s Holiday Camp

They have greatly enjoyed their 6-month holiday there
but I told them sorry, that’s just the way it is.
What else could I say?

Priscilla asked does the EIF Holiday Camp owner know
how disappointed you all are?
I said I don’t know?
Their office is shut and they are incommunicado

(She had to ask Skip what such a big word meant)

I told them not to fret
Readers can still come and see you
in action here at FCS
They dried their tears
and seemed to perk up at this

I said I would arrange viewings of their holiday pics
to remind them of their fun times there
(My thanks to WP for taking
and saving their happy memories)

To help brighten their day I have arranged
a viewing of their EIF Holiday Camp Trilogy #24
outing with Priscilla below

(they’re perking up already…..I’m pleased)

If you wish to express condolences to Skip, Priscilla and Ralph
you will need to make them here
as the EIF Holiday Camp comments office is closed

Some of my poetry not seen on FCS is also there

The final FCS/EIF Trilogy #24 with Priscilla

We have all just looked at these holiday memories
and Priscilla says Boofy is not a relation.
He just happened to be there on the same day

Don Matthews
FCS Menagerie Minder
April 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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