Playground for the Mind of matthews don

I have cast my mind in the leading role, hence capital MindMyself I’ve cast in a minor role, hence lowercase matthews don It has a new-built playgroundThe Mind of matthews donFlippant, Comic, SeriousFor which to play in/on Playground builder WordPressHas thought of everythingFrom swings to see-saws, roundaboutsAnd even things called ping Backs What will thisContinue reading “Playground for the Mind of matthews don”

WordPress and Me. A Marriage Made in Heaven

I love our union, WordPress (Must not forget cap P) I find it so exciting wordpress and poet me Shit…forgot the P Learning code? I’m past it (Remember, Don, cap P) I would be more than hopeless Word Press come marry me Shit!.. there’s no space Take me with your hidden code Make all myContinue reading “WordPress and Me. A Marriage Made in Heaven”