Welcome to the whacky bipolar world of don matthews (and me mate Skip)

FCS focuses on promoting humour,
offbeat poetry and exploring things different

Skip likes reggae too. Also beer. Drinks me under the table.

How much of one’s personal self does one reveal on a world stage to an unknown audience? That question has always been at the forefront of my mind since coming onto the internet stage several years ago.

I was born with the genes of bipolar. My issue is mania, kept in check (sort of) with medications. Fortunately I don’t suffer depression which causes many bipolars to suicide. My mania’s a two-faced demon. When kept in check it’s a good friend. I couldn’t write what I do without it. When I let it get away it can cause untold damage. My emotions are extreme. I have to watch things.

They say there’s a link between bipolar and creativity. Other bipolars were/are Van Gough, Ernest Hemingway (suicide), Virginia Woolf (suicide), Kurt Cobain (suicide), Robin Williams (suicide), Spike Milligan, Stephen Fry, Mariah Carey, Jimmi Hendrix etc

Aristotle had something to say about this:

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness

Since I am a lot more than a touch mad does this make me a super genius?

Just ignore him

I write strange, whacky, bizarre stuff at times. Me mate Skip just rolls his eyes, drinks his beer and ignores me. As long as I ride him round the block after work (like you walk your dog for exercise) he is happy. We get some strange looks but what the heck.


You’re whacky also? As Leader of the well-esteemed Like-Minders Society (LMS), welcome. You are now an official member. Join us in travels to our different venues in the search of wisdom and mirth. Much excitement to be had at the Deep-Thinking Haiku Workshop and the Toilet Stop (a much-needed one by LMS’ers). Then we have our Budding Poets Audition Site (LMS supports little budders). Unconventional LMS’ers don’t quite see eye to eye with traditional poets but to accomodate them I have built a stamping ground where they can practice. The Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground. Bad vibes between poet groups is not healthy. A while back I judged a limerick challenge and was inspired to build a Limerick Centre for LMS. . Crude limericks are out. LMS has high standards thankyou.

clap…clap…clap (Like-Minder applause)

I am in the process our building our Propper Spelling School where I will be Head Teacher. I asked the Grammar Board for funding but they refused. So much for helping me improve the standards of edyucation.

Seriously, we have lots of fun at FCS.
Come on in

Now our theme song. Thankyou Cheryl.

Don Matthews
October 2020

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the whacky bipolar world of don matthews (and me mate Skip)

  1. He says thump..thump.. and apologises he can’t say it here in person. You think WP techs would’ve worked something out by now. If it was run by Aussies Skip’d be sitting here right now…..


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