Call to Ban Fat Santas in South Australia

I am a nice fat SantaIn our local storeEmployed I’ve been for many yearsAnd hope for many more Horror/shock they’re calling onFat Santa me to banSay you not good model JackYou junk food from a can They say I pro-mote overIndulgence at this timeNot a real good message Jack(But fits in with my rhyme) WeContinue reading “Call to Ban Fat Santas in South Australia”

“This Makes a Great Christmas Gift”

I done a Christmas crackerA digital trading cardMe as SupertrumpmanVote me (your trading bard) I’m gonna soon (yep) name meVice-presidential pickWho’ll be beside me alwaysVice-presidential DickWe (public) think your card isA stupid git ideaYou as trumped-up Superman?You stupid trumped-up git “This makes a great Christmas gift” folks The $99 card is receiving much public ridiculeContinue reading ““This Makes a Great Christmas Gift””

The Family that Guns Together Stays Together

We are a happy familyChristmas time (you see?)Presents all around aboutBullets on the tree Ben got an AK9……. Was on his wish list…… Our turkey’s on the tableShot with Johnny’s gun(Took a while to bleed out)Eating will be fun Betty got a surprise……. Russian ack ack…… Her trigger finger needs working on…… We go toContinue reading “The Family that Guns Together Stays Together”

FCS Wishes the Massie Family a Happy New Year. Boom Boom

Mr Massie is an American Republican Politician. Republicans seem to like guns Thomas Massie familyGrinning, gripping gunsBy their lovely Christmas treeHaving such great fun We at FCS wish the Massie family a Happy New Year. We hope Santa brought the ammo you wanted From all us here at FCSSkip. Priscilla, RalphStan also says hello StanContinue reading “FCS Wishes the Massie Family a Happy New Year. Boom Boom”

From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts – the 1993 Christmas Cat Album

The songs are created by producer Mike Spalla who mixes actual animal sounds to match tones of the songs. He started with a version of “Jingle Bells” that was released to radio stations a few years before the full album came out. In all, it took more than 1,000 meows, screeches and growls to assemble 20 melodies. From all hereContinue reading “From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts – the 1993 Christmas Cat Album”