Call to Ban Fat Santas in South Australia

I am a nice fat SantaIn our local storeEmployed I’ve been for many yearsAnd hope for many more Horror/shock they’re calling onFat Santa me to banSay you not good model JackYou junk food from a can They say I pro-mote overIndulgence at this timeNot a real good message Jack(But fits in with my rhyme) WeContinue reading “Call to Ban Fat Santas in South Australia”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Rotund

Write something incorporating the word ‘rotund’. Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. ODE TO ROTUND I am a little rabbitRed, round and rotundWhy am I fed so grossly?They want me be fecund I didn’t know there were red rabbits Fan.?…… I don’t see the connection between obesity and fecundityContinue reading “Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Rotund”