Cookie Blessed by Priest in Drive-Through

Manilla – celebrating World Animal Day We took our doggie CookieFor blessing via drive-throughHe sprinkled Cook with waterThe way all priests do do Paid our $50 dollarsAt the drive checkoutCookie gave a woof woof…. Thought I was serious didn’t you?First verse is. Second got bit carried away…… Don MatthewsOctober 2021

Do You Like Our Little Show?

I love my little doggyMy doggy says bow wowWe are both sane and sensibleLike our little show? Curtain rising soon…. My eyes have x-ray visionMy head it wears a bowlMy doggy wears a tutuMy head it has a hole Very nice…… clap clap clap Photoshoot rehearsal for Stan’s Album Cover Studio ‘Mother Gloria and herContinue reading “Do You Like Our Little Show?”

Australia’s Sheepdog Hoover – World’s Most Expensive Kelpie

Hoover is a kelpieRounds up cattle, sheepWorld’s most dearest kelpieBuyers, pockets deep Hoover was sold at auction for $35,200, now the world’s most expensive kelpie.“An exceptional all-rounder with good bloodlines” (Casterton Kelpie Association) Don MatthewsJune 2021