Lost Bumper and Tyreless Car

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Officer? You say that I’m drivingMy car on it’s rims, there’s no tyre?I wonder what could be the reason?I wondered why I wasn’t higher? No bumper?…. Must’ve been that tree I just hit?…. Driving on wrong side of road? Was I?…. Adelaide South AustraliaAppearing inContinue reading “Lost Bumper and Tyreless Car”

Eccentrics and Society

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different “Eccentrics, like tall poppies, are ironed flat by society They are seen as a threat to it’s stability model Well I won’t be ironed flat I will stand up and be myself My eccentricities you will just have to accept Modify your model, society Sorted” DonContinue reading “Eccentrics and Society”

Guest Poet Charlie Farmer ‘Pride Care Cleaners’

Pride Care Cleaners I was 18 and bought my first suit and tieso I could go to Grady Memorialand say,” This is Emily.” Handshakes with coroners. My attempt at dignity.To be well dressed and say,“This is Emily.” To identify you. You were 32, heroin chic.Front page cheeks. I found you in your bathroom.Your hair matted,Continue reading “Guest Poet Charlie Farmer ‘Pride Care Cleaners’”

Conversation with my Mind

FCS promotes offbeat poetry and exploring all things different I am a poet of extremesFlippant, Serious, ComicHelp me with my last line, mindWhat rhymes with comic? Tomic? Thankyou…. You’re welcome…. He is a poet of extremesThinks up such strange ideasCome help me with my last line DonTo rhyme idea? Ikea? Thankyou…. You’re welcome…. Don MatthewsSeptemberContinue reading “Conversation with my Mind”