Me, Spike and Her Maj

(Written in a Moment of Silliness) I am a rough-cut AussieOur Queen is not amusedMy spelling is atrociousHer grammar I abuse Behave yourself. You’ll give us Aussies a bad name….. Sorry…whimper whimper Hello? Your Majesty? Yes, clear as a bell…. Poet Don Down UnderYour poetry I likeWhy thankyou m’am, Your MajestySee, she likes me SpikeContinue reading “Me, Spike and Her Maj”

Head-Empty. My New Career Possibility

I like writing poems ’bout nothing Cos that’s what my head is full of But despite it being empty (and full of) It’s my head that I love truly love I worship the head of Spike Milligan Whose head was far emptier than mine I’m sure there’s a career in head-empty Be famous like SpikeContinue reading “Head-Empty. My New Career Possibility”