Me, Spike and Her Maj

Her Maj and corgis in relax mode

(Written in a Moment of Silliness)

I am a rough-cut Aussie
Our Queen is not amused
My spelling is atrocious
Her grammar I abuse

Behave yourself.
You’ll give us Aussies a bad name…..

Sorry…whimper whimper

Your Majesty?
Yes, clear as a bell….

Poet Don Down Under
Your poetry I like
Why thankyou m’am, Your Majesty
See, she likes me Spike

She’ll be inviting you to a Royal Performance next….

I live in hope….

Spike and I went to the same School of Silliness.
I got Pass 3 (too much clubbing). He Duxed the School.
We never connected. He was a few years ahead of me
but his name is on the Honour Roll board

You don’t believe me do you?
Oh ye of little faith

He’s mad..

No, just different….

Signed your mad?/different? writer
September 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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