FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Low Rider’ War (1977)

War (originally called Eric Burdon and War) is an American funk/rock/soul band from Long Beach, California, known for several hit songs (including “Spill the Wine“, “The World Is a Ghetto“, “The Cisco Kid“, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?“, “Low Rider“, and “Summer“). Formed in 1969, War is a musical crossover band that fuses elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues, psychedelia, and reggae. AccordingContinue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Low Rider’ War (1977)”

Russians Want Putin to End the War

Putin is in troublePublic, one in fourOne only supports his warOnly one in four July 57% wanted Russians to remain in UkraineNovember 25% wanted Russians to remain in Ukraine Poll conducted by Kremlin’s Federal Guard Serviceobtained by Meduza, a Russian opposition website The Kremlin often takes polls to gauge public opinion. Don MatthewsDecember 2022

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Fountain

Write something incorporating the word ‘fountain’ Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. I like this one Fan ODE TO FOUNTAIN I am a little fountainSpouting, trickle trickleComing out a brassy nozzleNever ever fickle I’d rather write bout fountainsThan insane war UkraineMy fountain’s always peacefulQuiet, selfless, sane Fountains give meContinue reading “Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Fountain”