Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving

US is no longer unitedIt’s shattered and broken in bitsMaybe it’s beyond even savingRegardless who in White House sits? It’s possible the job of repairingWhat’s left of the US is suchIs beyond any single politicianBeyond one politician, too much The US is spiraling out ofControl, racial tensions increaseClass tensions are also increasingConspiracy theories increase IfContinue reading “Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving”

Michigan Judge Rules on Trump Lawsuits

A Michigan judge has dismissed a Trump lawsuit as “vague and equivocal”. Everything else is me You’ve handed me a lawsuitOn yellow sticky noteIt’s “vague and equivocal”DISMISSED on it I wrote Bugger…should’ve used white sticky’s Instead if you’d deliveredYour lawsuit in a tweet(A valid form of submit)Request I could’ve meet Shit…why didn’t I think ofContinue reading “Michigan Judge Rules on Trump Lawsuits”

Glug Glug Gobble Gobble

Trump’s fallen down the kitchen sinkGlug glug glugFallen down the hole he hasDug dug dug Counting’s not finished…. What?…. Trump’s wobbling on the sink edgeWobble wobble wobbleQuick someone push this turkey inGobble gobble gobble Don MatthewsNovember 2020 Networks pulled the plug on his recent White House interview CNN’s Anderson Cooper was more direct: “That isContinue reading “Glug Glug Gobble Gobble”

Trump’s Greatest Failure

Handling the pandemic US 4% of world’s population 20% of world’s deaths 229,000 Americans dead Many more will die Trump just last week ‘We have turned the corner’ Fauci ‘No we haven’t’ Older voters terrified of dyingWill look to someone putting community healthTop of their list of priorities Trump must go For stability to returnContinue reading “Trump’s Greatest Failure”

Get Your Political Kicks on Route 66

Let’s take a look at what’s happeningPolitically on Route 66‘Honk if you think Trumps a moron’Honk if we’re in a shit fix honk..honkhonk…honkhonk…honkhonk…honkbeep…beep Three cheers for President DonaldAs he limousines down Route 66We know USA’s in a shit messAs God, he will remedy our fix ‘Too right y’all‘…. ‘Daddy will do it’..daughter Ivanka (of GoyaContinue reading “Get Your Political Kicks on Route 66”

Route 66 and the Impending US Election

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things differ Route 66No longer definedRealigned in directionSo many times Where does it go now?Where does it end?Original Route 6-6Path no longer wends Like the UnitedStates election impendWhere is it going?Where will it end? No-one knows Don MatthewsOctober 2020 The prompt was ‘Impending’

“I Wanna Give you a Big Kiss”

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different I wanna give you big kissYou women, also guysTo prove that I’m back healthy, fitNo way I’m gonna die Or be unfit to rule next 4 years…. No longer I’m infectious(Despite my voice be hoarse)I’m like a lion, damn powerfulAnd not a lame old horse LikeContinue reading ““I Wanna Give you a Big Kiss””

Oh Great One We Worship You

FCS focuses on promoting humour, offbeat poetryand exploring things different Down we bow before youUpon our bended kneeImmune you are (by your decree)Immortal now (by we) Oh hail triumphant LeaderWe you now deifyA Constantine the Great you areYou’ll live on, never die We’ll knock down our Mt RushmoreReplace it with just youWe’ll rival Egypt’s ValleyContinue reading “Oh Great One We Worship You”

She Touched the Hem of Power. Zap

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different I’m woman and inflictedInfliction hid, concealedJust touched the hem of Donald’s suitAnd came away all healed Gosh…. You must have hidden powers DonYour hem delivers itInflicted come ye one and allYou’re not some silly git After all Promote this man to my White House SpinContinue reading “She Touched the Hem of Power. Zap”