Out Of Control

Humans you are stupidYou should be killing meInstead you show more interest inYour economy I won’t go ‘way until youGet serious with meAnd put on hold until I’m goneYour economy You still go round all tight-packedDespite a Covid planAre you really serious1 metre gap? a sham White House is still crowd-packingDon’t seem that they haveContinue reading “Out Of Control”

Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries

I’m getting real excitedVaccine’s not far awayI think I’ll order plenty moreTo keep covid away I’m sorry Mr PresidentYou had the chance beforeTo order vaccine made by usTo order extra, more But you refused the chance…. We’re now committed to supplying other countries. Sorry…. Don MatthewsDecember 2020 The Associated Press and Denise Chow21h ago /Continue reading “Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries”