Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries

I’m getting real excitedVaccine’s not far awayI think I’ll order plenty moreTo keep covid away I’m sorry Mr PresidentYou had the chance beforeTo order vaccine made by usTo order extra, more But you refused the chance…. We’re now committed to supplying other countries. Sorry…. Don MatthewsDecember 2020 The Associated Press and Denise Chow21h ago /Continue reading “Sorry Mr President…We’re Committed to Supplying Other Countries”

Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving

US is no longer unitedIt’s shattered and broken in bitsMaybe it’s beyond even savingRegardless who in White House sits? It’s possible the job of repairingWhat’s left of the US is suchIs beyond any single politicianBeyond one politician, too much The US is spiraling out ofControl, racial tensions increaseClass tensions are also increasingConspiracy theories increase IfContinue reading “Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving”