I Wanna Buy a Gun at Walmart Mummy

I can’t believe my eyesWalmart is selling gunsOn display for all to seeOh what shopping fun Mummy takes me down the aisleRifles, guns galoreRound the corner, round we goGosh, there’s rifles more Mummy I’d like that oneStanding straight and tallWanna be a Rambo girlWanna have a ball bang…bang… You’ll need some ammunition Without it there’sContinue reading “I Wanna Buy a Gun at Walmart Mummy”

“I Wanna Give you a Big Kiss”

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different I wanna give you big kissYou women, also guysTo prove that I’m back healthy, fitNo way I’m gonna die Or be unfit to rule next 4 years…. No longer I’m infectious(Despite my voice be hoarse)I’m like a lion, damn powerfulAnd not a lame old horse LikeContinue reading ““I Wanna Give you a Big Kiss””

Oh Great One We Worship You

FCS focuses on promoting humour, offbeat poetryand exploring things different Down we bow before youUpon our bended kneeImmune you are (by your decree)Immortal now (by we) Oh hail triumphant LeaderWe you now deifyA Constantine the Great you areYou’ll live on, never die We’ll knock down our Mt RushmoreReplace it with just youWe’ll rival Egypt’s ValleyContinue reading “Oh Great One We Worship You”