Poet Don and his Typewriter

FCS focuses on promoting humour, offbeat poetry and exploring all things different I tap on my typewriterOld-fashioned tho I beI like the way keys clitter-clatterMaking poe….. Keys stuck…. bother Get a keyboard…. Poet Don is old school and likes to prepare his news reports and lesson preparations on his old faithful Remington.Despite no longer beingContinue reading “Poet Don and his Typewriter”

Poet Don Reports on a Little-Known Fact About Redheads

Redheads they are twice(Are readers, you aware?)As likely to avoid the dentistAs those with other hair? Well I’ll be…. Thankyou…. A recent study from the Journal of the American Dentistry Association shows that redheads tend to be more afraid of going to the dentist and are twice as likely to avoid dental care — presumably because their need for more numbing leads to unexpected complicationsContinue reading “Poet Don Reports on a Little-Known Fact About Redheads”

Poet Don Reporting on a Strange Ancient Egyptian Practice

Poet Don is FCS news reporter reporting on all things of interest and little interest. He is a valuable asset to the FCS Team Egyptians (those in ancient times) Did things rather weird On chins of cows they went and hung Metal fake mesh beards Good to know…. Thankyou….