Poet Don Reporting on 9376

Poet Don writes his reportswith quill and ink. He’s old school This number is called automorphicYou ask what the heck does that mean?Square it, the answer (last numbers)Will repeat this here number you’ve seen Well I’ll be?…… Thankyou…… Billy says he worked it out on his fingers in 10 seconds. Says I’m right. Smart boyContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on 9376”

Poet Don Reporting on Some Important Number Facts

111222333444555666777888999 All multiples of 37 Amazing…. Thankyou… I worked it out on my fingers Poet Don….. Well done Billy…(one of Poet Don’s class members) Don MatthewsFebruary 2021 Poet Don is FCS news reporterReporting on things of interest and no interest He is a valuable asset to the FCS Team