Do you know what linonophobia is?Billy does I am linonophobicPhobic ’bout this thingWhat is this thing I’m phobic ’bout ?Ring-a-ding-a-ding Linono which doth frighten me(Linono with an L)Is any kind of thing of stringRing-a-ding-da-bell Ding ding ding…… I cannot do no sewingI cannot tie my shoesI’m linononphobic(I drown my fear in booze) Glug glug glug……Continue reading “Linonophobia”

Walmart TV Pickup

Went to pick my TV upFrom the Walmart storeSaid there was a problemSeems got dropped on floor….. Don MatthewsDecember 2021 This looks like a Walmart. I was an overnight Stocker. Saw TVs and other electronics literally fall 4ft off a pallet that was being moved off of racking, and get put on the shelf forContinue reading “Walmart TV Pickup”