You’ll Survive

There’s been a nasty covid clusterFlareup in my townWe thought we had it sortedWe thought we’d knocked it down Never turn your back on covid…. Since covid started wrecking thingsWe’ve learnt, become preparedTo come down hard and sudden onClusters when they’ve flared So From 12 o’clock tonight (Wednesday)My cafe it will closeFor six days, noContinue reading “You’ll Survive”

Look What You’ve Done to Me Lockdown

FCS focuses on promoting humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Prior to Covid lockdownI partied all night longMixed with lots of peopleMingled with the throng Lockdown put an end to thisTold to stay at homeNo more parties, peopleNo more mingling, roam I’ve spent so long in lockdownI love my companyAnd have a fear of peopleLookContinue reading “Look What You’ve Done to Me Lockdown”

Poet Don Reporting Australian Covid Baby Lockdown Fizzer

FCS focuses on humour,offbeat poetry and exploring things different Poet Don is FCS news reporterReporting on things of interest and no interestHe is a valuable asset to the FCS Team I’m reading a direct script here from my source in Australia Australia here, we gotta problemBit of doom and gloomCovid lockdown somehow didn’tProduce a babyContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting Australian Covid Baby Lockdown Fizzer”