BoJo’s Poo Poo’d the Pandemic

BoJo’s poo poo’d the pandemic
No need to stay apart anymore
Masks you can throw in the dustbin
Lockdown’s become such a bore

Risky experiment….

Don Matthews
July 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

17 thoughts on “BoJo’s Poo Poo’d the Pandemic

  1. He’s a free-market capitalist. His gut instinct is to trade. That we’ve had three waves of this are a result of him acting too hastily, because he values money over health.

    I never received a decent explanation of why there ever had to be more than one wave.


    1. Being in Australia I can only judge from what I read in the papers and form my opinions from afar. To be honest I feel all he wanted to do was climb to the top. PM. When he did reach the pinnicle he didn’t know what to do. He’s not a leader. He comes across as a clown/buffoon. He should have stayed in London. He could have still acted the part there and got away with it. You can’t do it as PM.

      As said I’m not in UK which may skew my opinions incorrectly. I just think throwing all the rules away is plain madness. I hope it doesn’t backfire on you…..

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      1. There is an amount of stage-management – at least some of that buffoonery is played out for the public.
        But yes, when you are PM there is no place to hide.
        But, you know, it’s the same as anywhere. When people vote, they are voting for the least-worst option. As long as he is more pallatable than the other guy…


      2. Stage-management is a necessary part of the act for people like that. I don’t mind a bit of fun provided they are a strong leader, and for the people and not themselves.

        Politics is the same everywhere isn’t it? Maybe start out with high ideals which then deteriorates into “all I want to to is win the next election” (and I’ll do anything to get there)

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      3. I lived in Hertford for 5 years a while back so am quite familiar with what you talk about. Overall opinion? Fantastic place to visit but wouldn’t want to live there. Unless you were rich and could live where you want. And take off for the sun in the cold, dreary, lacking sun winter. Don’t get me wrong. I would never have wanted to miss that 5-year experience raising and schooling two children there. But it was soooo nice coming back to the land of open spaces and sunshine……

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      4. Yeah, that’sa nice part of the world. A bit remote, but the more remote places are nices. Mind you, I consider myself remote and am 10 miles from the nearest city!


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