Thump Thump

My thanks to the Yorkshire duo for use of phrase ‘Thump Thump’ and daffodil inspire. I could not have done it without their help. Thankyou Today I’m in the cafeBecause it’s rather hotMy heart is beating thump thump(Coz I’m alive, dead not) Daffodil on tableLooking back at meSays Don are you likingDrinking your coffee? IContinue reading “Thump Thump”

Thoughts Gained From Gazing Into My Coffee

Why is he so different?Why is he so mad?When he was a young boyHe was in genre lad Very good… Thankyou… You know he’s really not madHe just is differentAnd now belongs to genreSilly, twisted, bent Also very good … Thankyou…. I’m sipping coffee (yummy)Cappuccino fluffSticking to my mustacheEnough this nonsense stuff Very good….Yes, veryContinue reading “Thoughts Gained From Gazing Into My Coffee”

I Am a Trying Rhymer

I try to put in rhyme‘Bout things I read a lotMost of the time it works outBut sometimes works out not I’m also into rhymingRhyming what I seeMost of the time it works outNow seeing my coffee (above) gawd…. You guessed it, into rhymingRhyming what I hearRhyming what I hear aboutEntering my ear more gawd….Continue reading “I Am a Trying Rhymer”