Axl’s Final Song

Guns N’ Roses Concert 31 Dec 2022 Adelaide OvalMy daughter worked as staff at the concert and said it was just an awful crowd. And way too loud. Axl threw the microphone(It was the final song)The crowd went mad with frenzyWho thought things could go wrong? The microphone it landedOn Rebecca’s faceWhoever thought things couldContinue reading “Axl’s Final Song”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Stain

Write something incorporating the word ‘stain’ Should you accept, go forth. Show your creative juices I accept.Here goes…. ODE TO STAIN That stain on the bed was an accidentMy cup ranneth over with coffIt’s not what you’re thinking my darling?I recall that last night you were off Was I?…… DM