Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers

Irresponsible and selfish were people Who flocked to beach Bournemouth UK (I know they were having a heatwave) No care about danger that day The beach it was jam-packed and crowded Social-distancing completely ignored All because people were selfish Will virus deaths now UK soar? Don MatthewsJuly 2020 Roads were gridlocked, illegal camping,excessive waste, anti-socialContinue reading “Irresponsible and Selfish Beachgoers”

Poet Don Solves the Age-Old Question. How Long is a Piece of String?

I’ve studied at length on the length of a string And it isn’t some multiple of tenth The answer’s quite logical, my followers, my flock It’s twice as long as half of it’s length You are a genius…. Thankyou…. Poet Don is a world expert on the subject of string We are indeed honoured toContinue reading “Poet Don Solves the Age-Old Question. How Long is a Piece of String?”

I’m a Specially Trained Virus Quarantine Guard

Untrained security guards hired by the Victorian Government to guard virus quarantine patients fell asleep, and slept with hotel guests. In doing so they became infected, spread the virus and are causing a spike in new cases. I’m specially trained to look after Some lovelies in virus quarantine But none of us really believe itContinue reading “I’m a Specially Trained Virus Quarantine Guard”