The New (Almost Ready) Dronal Bee

I am a little dronal bee Developed in a lab I buzz around (proboscis down) And flower to flower it dab I pick up pollen from a tulip Then buzz of somewhere close (I must conserve my energy) Then dab it in a rose Bees Union is not happy They do not want to shareContinue reading “The New (Almost Ready) Dronal Bee”

Karen Dalton. Same Old Man (1971)

This was an experiment I tried to see its effect on my emotions. It combines poetry and music. It did affect my emotions and it did achieve it’s purpose. The use of voice/visuals enhance the emotion of the poem. Read it first, then click on the youtube link at bottom. Did it affect your emotionsContinue reading “Karen Dalton. Same Old Man (1971)”

Poet Don Reporting on Tongues

Poet Don reporting My tongue in coffee wallows When it’s done its wallowing I tell it stop. Then swallow Gulp….. You have trained your tongue well Poet Don…. Thankyou…. Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets SocietyWe are honoured to have him here with us. Poet Don reports daily on FCS (Flippant, Comic and Serious)Continue reading “Poet Don Reporting on Tongues”