Writing Good Rhyme is not Easy

Writing good rhyme is not easy Not easy like Jack/Jill/Up Hill Rhymers have grown up, more progressive They’ve now got more firepower, more skill Show us how poet…. Poet?…. I’m waiting inspiration from my muse…. Thalia?…. My Muse of Mirth…. Oh…. Where are you Thale?…. I think she’s run off…. Hopeless. Where are they inContinue reading “Writing Good Rhyme is not Easy”

What Think You Thalia?

What are your thoughts on the first two stanzas.Or am I just fantasizing? A muse provides inspiration for the poet Is the poet a ‘mouthpiece’ for the muse?… If a poet ‘owns’ a muse Does the muse ‘own’ the poet?… What think you Thalia?…. She says she’s on tea break….. Thalia is my muse IContinue reading “What Think You Thalia?”

My Muse Thalia

Thalia’s my Muse of Mirth(All poets need a muse)For when I go blank (writer’s block)Thale comes, helps me with clues Thale and I we form a teamShe shares my website titleFlippant, Comic, SeriousTo poet me, she’s vital Like now, I don’t know what to sayCome Thale I need your help…. She says she’s on aContinue reading “My Muse Thalia”