Planned Like-Minders Society Visits to the LMS Theme Park

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The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is a group of people who think like me. If you are different, unconventional, and enjoy all things whacky you have now become a member. Welcome

LMS visits the LMS Limerick Centre and the Girl in the Choir

LMS visits the LMS Interview Studio with Stephen Fry on bipolar disorder

LMS visits the LMS Writers Corner with Undying

LMS visits the LMS Staff Lounge with Lucy L and Little R (Little Richard)

LMS visits the LMS….

LMS visits the LMS….

Accompanied by:

Thalia . My Muse of Mirth (always by my side)
Secretary, Rollercoaster Bar Girl, Bellringer

Lucy L – Ticket Office, Publicity

Skip (my drinking buddy)

Ronnie the rollercoaster.
Moves Like-minders around the Park

Book your tickets for a ride into the LMS
Theme Park of Wisdom and Mirth
Click ‘follow’ and ask for the Ticket Office
Lucy willsay hello, smile and give you a free ticket

Won’t you Luce

Sure will Don

Lucy speaks in bold dialect
She’s a bit rough but does a good job
Downs double whiskeys

Thalia speaks in italic dialect

Hello Don

Dialect of the Gods she says.
Cultured lady

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

7 thoughts on “Planned Like-Minders Society Visits to the LMS Theme Park

    1. She came from Mt Olympus . Was trained from an infant by the Gods in their dialect…..italic. ….Olympus should be proud. She’s a cultured lady.

      Without this playing with fantasy
      no creative work has ever yet come to birth.
      The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.

      Carl Jung

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    1. Trouble is we won’t relax, loosen up and let go this whacky. What will others think? Too embarrassed. I dance my own groove at a blues club. You should see people thinking gosh I wish i could let go like that,=. Just needs coaxing out John. Some do, They might look awkward but what the heck. They’ve got the guts to get up in front of s crowd. I respect that. They’re enjoying themselves. So what. What the heck

      Hey John, who’s heck of what the heck fame? I dunno?

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