What Think You Thalia?

A muse provides inspiration for the poet
Is the poet a ‘mouthpiece’ for the muse?…

If a poet ‘owns’ a muse
Does the muse ‘own’ the poet?…

What think you Thalia?….

She says she’s on tea break…..

Thalia is my Muse of Mirth
I am her poet
Our bond is mutual

A marriage made on Mt Olympus
Other muses were bridesmaids. Very nice

Marriage made in heaven would’ve been nice
But receptions too expensive
And angel bridesmaids cost the earth

What think you Thalia?….

You like making up stories…..

Don Matthews
June 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “What Think You Thalia?

    1. There’s a long backstory of how I met Thalia. Started on the other site years ago. As I said love at first site.

      The way it happened involved another poet purely by accident. Will reveal the story gradually.

      My problem is fingers/posting (manuals) can’t keep up with a vivid imagination running riot. I need a ghost writer?…..

      Thale and I live in Bloggersville Heights. But that’s another story……

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