What Think You Thalia?

What are your thoughts on the first two stanzas.Or am I just fantasizing? A muse provides inspiration for the poet Is the poet a ‘mouthpiece’ for the muse?… If a poet ‘owns’ a muse Does the muse ‘own’ the poet?… What think you Thalia?…. She says she’s on tea break….. Thalia is my muse IContinue reading “What Think You Thalia?”

We’re in a Quandry Thale and I

(Thalia’s my Muse of Mirth. She warms to me when I call her Thale) It’s a nice apartment Thale Just the right size for the two of us Bloggers Vale….. Nice suburb. Affordable rent Pool’s nice. Bit big you think? Nice neighbours They want to visit? Bring their speedboats? Maybe we should have got aContinue reading “We’re in a Quandry Thale and I”