Karen Dalton. Same Old Man (1971)

This was an experiment I tried to see its effect on my emotions. It combines poetry and music. It did affect my emotions and it did achieve it’s purpose. The use of voice/visuals enhance the emotion of the poem. Read it first, then click on the youtube link at bottom. Did it affect your emotions similarly?

I’ve just become a little sad

Quite quick, and unexpected

I didn’t know I was so prone

And quickly sad-affected

Was listening on my Walkman

(But that’s another story)

To Karen Dalton ‘Same Old Man’

‘Twas only auditory

She made me want to see her live

Hear her enchanting voice

So went to find this haunting soul

On youtube’s million-choice

Something inside me gave way…

So quick – so unexpected

Quite unprepared for what I found

Karen D – was dead.

What does this tell us about life?

Past pictures (in our head)

Can lead us into thinking that

They’re still alive, not dead

Impressions are recorded

Of people, what they’ve done

Enjoy them while they’re still around

And not when they are gone

RIP Karen Dalton


Aged 55 (aids)

Don Matthews
June 2018

Karen plays banjo. At 1.55 is Bob Dylan

No live performance of Same Old Man was ever recorded

Karen Dalton : The most tragically beautiful folk singer
you’ve probably never heard of

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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