Poet Don Q&A on First ATM User

Here’s a question for you My followers (faithful all) (Yes Poet Don?…) Who was the first in the world to use Our ATM hole-in-the-wall ? (mumble..mumble…) (more mumble…mumble…) We give up…. Actor Reg Varney (On the Buses 1967)STAN!!! GET THAT BUS OUT!!!….. Golly gosh Poet Don, You are a goldmine of information…. Thankyou….

Poet Don Reporting on 10th July. A Special Day

You all enjoy your honey ? (Yes Poet Don….) Must keep your eyes on ground You wouldn’t want to step on it As it goes walking round (blank looks all round….) Today is 10th July, yes?… Yes Poet Don…. Well today is ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’…. Oooh… His little flock of followers depart,Continue reading “Poet Don Reporting on 10th July. A Special Day”

The World Has Gone Mad

They want to remove filmsand television seriesbecause of political correctness Are we not allowed to laughand keep in perspectivethe content of the erain which they were made? In the meantime We are subjectedto realty TV showsencouraging promiscuityand verbal abuse We are given a wide choiceof the most violent filmsto create a violent mentality But weContinue reading “The World Has Gone Mad”

The Continuing Creation of Poet Don

I rhyme for my amusement Creating Poet Don He’s not like other poets Here one day, next day gone A character, he’s part of me A mouthpiece for my mind Witty, clever sometimes dumb But also very kind Keep up the good work PD….. Thankyou. I have a nice muse. He looks after me…. ??Continue reading “The Continuing Creation of Poet Don”

Poet Don Q&A on Cats

A cat lover has asked me this question What do you think I should suggest? The cat’s quite allergic to their kiddies What should I go tell them that’s best? Yes Johnny?…. Get rid of the kids…. Anyone else?…. Poet Don is a world expert on cat/owner relationshipsWe are honoured to have his expertise hereContinue reading “Poet Don Q&A on Cats”

Edna (Stavely Makepeace 1970)

English Coventry band Stavely Makepeace recorded ‘Edna’ in 1970. Several members then went on to become Lieutenant Pigeon, recording ‘Mouldy Old Dough’ Edna are twin sisters Edna I and 2 Charlestoning with boa Yodelay ee oo Dancing round (all black and white) Edna 1 and 2 Taddish mad (but oh such fun) There should beContinue reading “Edna (Stavely Makepeace 1970)”