Poet Don Reporting on Punk Band Skiantos

In the year of 7-9 while in Italy I witnessed Skiantos (punk band) Who instead of on stage playing music Ate spaghetti (yum) passed hand to hand Amazing…..but is it true oh wise one? Would I kid you my son?…. Poet Don is a world expert in dare-to-be-different punk bandsWe are honoured to have himContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on Punk Band Skiantos”

I’m Off to Bulldoze Stonehenge

I’m off to bulldoze Stonehenge And build a group of flats An upgrade to our history And dat my friends is dat I’ve got my plan approved by The Council Planning Board Rid this waste of monuments Was their very word We need more building infill It’s wasting too much space Use the stones forContinue reading “I’m Off to Bulldoze Stonehenge”