Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio

Stan runs a very successful businesshelped by his assistant Perc We are the mighty GussetsWe specialise in punkBuy our latest albumBang bang bullet spunk Production Notes Make-up by Perc. He’s still learning Post Production Notes End Gusset was not too pleased with Perc putting price sticker on him.I have told Perc about this for futureContinue reading “Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio”

Poet Don Reporting on Punk Band Skiantos

In the year of 7-9 while in Italy I witnessed Skiantos (punk band) Who instead of on stage playing music Ate spaghetti (yum) passed hand to hand Amazing…..but is it true oh wise one? Would I kid you my son?…. Poet Don is a world expert in dare-to-be-different punk bandsWe are honoured to have himContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on Punk Band Skiantos”