Just Been to Don’s Tampa Rally

I’ve just been attending Don’s rallyIn hot Tampa sun we did baskMelania kissed Don on the cheek (how so nice)And no-one bothered wearing a mask We follow our Leader’s example. He knows best…. We packed in together like sardinesSocial distancing? shit man no wayExcept if you happened to faint nowThey distanced you in the sickContinue reading “Just Been to Don’s Tampa Rally”

Tommy the Cat

Primus is an experimental band. Tommy is an alley cat desired by a tempting lady feline.The original was done with animation (second video). The reason I’m posting this is to show the interplay between drums and slap bass in the live performance. The dialogue is too quick to follow so this will give you theContinue reading “Tommy the Cat”

Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby

Corby is to star inA realty TV showShe came to fame as drug muleWhy do we stoop this low? Because we want people watching our show (ratings you know), and we don’t care how we go about it…. It’s just wrong Don MatthewsOctober 2020 Does crime pay? Claims that convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is ‘set to receive aContinue reading “Rewarding Antisocial Behaviour. Drug Mule Shapelle Corby”

Poet Don Reporting on 8748

Poet Don is FCS news reporterReporting on things of interest and no interestHe is a valuable asset to the FCS Team The number of cars that were soldSeptember 94In Canada of Ford typeNo less, and no, no more Good to know… Thankyou…. Don MatthewsOctober 2020 FCS Management Note Remember this important fact It could beContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on 8748”

Captain Beefheart I Love You

Poem will only makes sense when you view the video ‘Click Clack’ below Captain Beefheart I love youLove your droneLove me do Bloke on gui-tarHypnotizedBy your droneOff, well fried Drummer dazedStoned as rockLove you CaptainClick my clock Kicking myself I missed the gig…. There’s more to them than meets the eye…. Yeah?…. Don MatthewsOctober 2020