FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Spooky’ Classics IV (1968)

The Classics IV is an American band formed in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, in 1965. The band, founded by Dennis Yost, is known mainly for the hits “Spooky“, “Stormy“, and “Traces“, released 1967 to 1969, which have become cover standards. Lyrics below In the cool of the eveningWhen everything is gettin kind of groovyYou call me up and ask meWould I like toContinue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Spooky’ Classics IV (1968)”

Poet Don Reporting on the Latest Crayfish Research

When you feed your pet crayfishAntidepressants for teaThey become more alive, more adventurousWhen flipping around in the sea Don MatthewsJune 2021 https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/animals/2021/06/antidepressants-in-waterways-may-make-crayfish-bolder-increasing-risk-of-predation

FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Rednex (I know y’all ‘ll love this)

Rednex is a Swedish musical group, originally consisting of the lead singer Mary Joe (Annika Ljungberg), alongside Bobby Sue (Kent Olander), Ken Tacky (Arne Arstrand), Billy Ray (Jonas Nilsson) and Mup (Patrick Edenberg). The group enjoyed success throughout the 1990s with novelty hits such as “Cotton Eye Joe“, “Old Pop in an Oak“, “The Spirit ofContinue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Rednex (I know y’all ‘ll love this)”