Poet Don Reporting on Clouds (over morning coffee)

Poet Don reporting Ground-breaking news today Coffee froth went up my nose And clouds are coloured grey Powerful words…. Thankyou…. Poet Don is a world expert on cloud colouringsWe are honoured to have him with us Reporting on FCS daily, we are privileged to have him as our news anchor

Border Crossing

Victorians are not allowed across the border into covid-free South Australia. One person has been arrested speeding through the checkpoint on the wrong side of the road with blacked out number plates.Definitely a COVIDiot. I wanna cross over the border And into a covid-free state I’ll speed through on wrong side of roadblock Have alreadyContinue reading “Border Crossing”

Poet Don Q&A re his Botted Chair

Poet Don enlighten us Re your botted chair In which you rest your weary bot Of cheeks which you have pair? Yes my flock, I, like you, have two…. But what of your chair?…. It accommodates both…. Poet Don is a valuable asset to the FCS Team,coming to us from the illustrious Poets Society ReportingContinue reading “Poet Don Q&A re his Botted Chair”

Poet Don Reports on Chairman Mao’s Method for Reviving His Youthful Ying

We have received requests for our news anchor Poet Don to research more into the goings-on of Chairman Mao. He has come up with the goods. To re-vigorate Mao’s aging body He thought an idea was to try Sleeping with many fertile maidens With as many he could find (and then lie) Many ended upContinue reading “Poet Don Reports on Chairman Mao’s Method for Reviving His Youthful Ying”